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How to solve it – Landlord and Tenant Dispute

Tenant and Landlord dispute at times can be extremely messy and can go on for a long time if not handled properly.

The relationship between tenants and landlord become strained for a number of reasons. If you are faced with tenant-landlord disputes and don’t know how to handle the matter. The guideline below may be helpful to you today.

You determine Your Rights as Tenant or Landlord

You should first find out what rights you have as a tenant or landlord.

Both the tenant and the landlord are assigned legal rights and responsibilities which they must abide by in compliance with leasing and letting of property in England and Wales.

If you know your rights it becomes possible to quickly handle the situation before it escalates further.

The professional lawyers at the Law firm of Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors can help you to properly understand your rights and obligation as either the tenant or landlord.

If you have any disputes, it starts by understanding where exactly you stand. That is why our Housing Solicitors in Enfield are able to deal with you as either a landlord or tenant. We are also able to consider the possibility of exploring legal aid funding with you

Have you considered talking about the issue?


As opposed to jumping to the court, the smartest thing should you should consider as a tenant or landlord is to sit and discuss the matter.  By considering this avenue it creates a great opportunity for parties to vent out their concerns and clear everything out.

Most landlord-tenant disputes can be simply settled by following this method.


This should always be the last result. Litigation is lengthy and complex and will also cause you time and money.  The result of the dispute will either be determined by a judge or jury.

If you are currently under a landlord-tenant dispute and wish to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our legal experts Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors. Our Solicitors in Enfield are here to help.


The information given here is intended for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.



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