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Extension of video-witness of Wills extended until 2020

Video-witness of Wills. We can continue the use of video witnesses of Wills, at least until 2024. The option to have your Wills witnessed remotely via video link was passed as legislation after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to a recent survey, 1 in 10 legal professionals used remote Will witnessing during the lockdown and this extension is seen as providing peace of mind, particularly for those vulnerable members of our society.

There are safeguard mechanisms in place to protect you again against undue influence and fraud, and with video-witnessed Wills, where two witnesses are required a Will only becomes valid if the video quality of the Will witnessing is comprehensive.

Further safeguard is the requirement for the Will to be stored in a safe location and be registered at the National Will Register so it is found when needed.

In the National Will Register survey, two-thirds of children would not know where to find their parents Wills. 

By registering your Will, it allows your Will to be found by the executors of your estate, beneficiary or professional deputy when you have passed away.


There are about 9.4 Wills lodged with National Will Register, and one in five found Wills through Will Search.

If you register you Will it provide a simple yet effective safeguard for the testator in ensuring your wishes are known and carried out. Registering a Will ensures it can be searched, stored and quickly located and confidentially discussed.


If you are considering making a Will, our Wills and probate solicitors in Enfield and our Family law team are ready to assist. Please contact us on 02034173859 or complete our online form.




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