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Disputes can often arise over Wills and inheritance with family structures becoming more complex and the value of property continuing to increase.

Whether you are contesting a Will or you are an executor facing a challenging

beneficiary, we are here to help.

Our problem-solving expertise along with our legal insight is at the heart of our work with Court proceedings being the last resort.

The types of disputes we advise on are as follows:

  1. Insufficient provision made in a Will or intestacy rules
  2. The Deceased made a promise whilst alive and this was not reflected in the Will
  3. The Will is invalid (i.e., because it was not executed properly, or the Deceased lacked capacity at the time of making the Will)
  4. The original Will has been misplaced
  5. The Deceased was coerced into making the Will
  6. The correct beneficiaries cannot be identified
  7. Removal of a trustee or executor

There are strict time limits to make a claim against the estate and as such it is best to contact us at the earliest possible stage so that we can assess your potential claim and take steps to protect your position.

We are here to help, whatever the nature of your disputes.

Call today on 02043173859 to speak to one of the team or you can speak to Del and we’ll call you back.



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