In England the October data shows, on average, house prices have risen by 0.6% since September 2020. 

The annual price rise of 5.4% takes the average property value to £262,175.

Now that you have decided that you want to unlock the investment in your portfolio or properties or you have been approached by group of leaseholders to buy the freehold together, our team of can assist you by ensuring that the sale of your freehold is a stress-free transaction.

We’ll advice you on what you need if you want to sell, or what the leaseholders need to buy the freehold.  At each point of the process, we’ll explain and the lead you through the legal requirement, time limit and notice period, to get the outcome that you want. And with, Adel Jibs – selling the freehold or granting a lease extension always begins with a consultation.

Adel Jibs we’ll provide you with details of our fixed rate charges at the start of the process. There are no hidden costs.

For legal advice on buying or selling your home, contact our solicitors on 02034173859.

We now offer late night legal advice, by appointment only, on Tuesday, until 8pm.