In November 2021 the government announced changes within social housing in that social housing landlords will be legally obliged to fit smoke alarms in all accommodations that are rented.

How will this affect the sector?

It is now the requirement that all housing association accommodation must now install smoke alarms in each property.

When new applications are now fitted such as gas boilers or fires are installed, the requirement of carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted is now a compulsory obligation on social housing landlords.

Once the landlord has been notified of a defective smoke or carbon monoxide alarm at the property, it is now the responsibility of the landlord or housing provider to repair or replace the faulty alarm.

With the introduction of the new regulations, it is hoped that there will be a reduction in casualties and fatalities as a result of fire and carbon poisoning.  The purpose of this legislation is essential to make residents of social housing feel safe.