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How To Protect Assets In A Divorce

Far too often, a divorce can be difficult and upsetting for the couples involved. When getting a divorce, there are several factors you will need to consider, including the financial aspect of the divorce.

At Adel Jibs, we come across cases, where one party feels it is unfair to divide assets equally in the divorce, where they are of the position that they built a significant part of the assets before the marriage.

In this article, our family law solicitors in Enfield, explain how to protect your assets in a divorce.

Asset protection in a Divorce 

Matrimonial assets in divorce include things such as a pension, property and other financial assets, such as saving and investment for example Cryptocurrency. 

Click the link to read our article on – 5 Tips on How to Ensure That Your Digital Assets Are Included In Your Estate Planning. 

If you want to protect, in the event of a divorce, any assets acquired before your marriage our family law solicitors in Enfield can provide you with the advice you need to your assets are protected during a divorce. 

How to Protect Your Assets in a Divorce


In today’s world, many couples in the UK are now choosing to protect assets before marriage by entering into a prenuptial agreement (also known as prenup to many). The reason, couples enter this sort of agreement is to reduce the risk of a prolonged dispute over finances should the couple separate.

Prenuptial agreements (or ‘prenups’) layout before a marriage who will be responsible for the property and finances of each partner during the marriage, and who this wealth belong to following a divorce. 

Specialist Divorce & Family Law Solicitors

Adel Jibs is a leading law firm in London. We provide a range of legal services across London. Our team of divorce solicitors are experienced in a range of matrimonial and family-related problems whatever the nature 

We can advise on:  

If you need advice on how to protect your assets during a divorce or any of the above matters, please contact our team on 02034173859 or complete our online form.

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