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There are a lot of things to do when somebody dies including but not limited to forms to fill, taxes to pay, houses to sell and trusts to deal with. Some of these tasks also have strict time limits and attempting to do everything whilst grieving the death of a loved one may prove very difficult. 

At Adel Jibs, our experienced probate solicitors hope to take away all of that stress and allow you the opportunity to grieve the death of a loved one properly. 

We will guide you through the process and explain how that person’s estate will pass (under the terms of his or her Will or the rules of intestacy) and what steps are needed for probate and tax purposes.

We understand that the assistance you require from us may differ depending on the complexity of the estate and that is why we are happy to offer different probate packages depending on the work required from us starting from just £800 plus VAT.

We also offer a fixed fee probate service and will tell you from the outset exactly how much the estate administration will cost. This takes away any uncertainty regarding costs and gives you much needed peace of mind during what is a very difficult time.

At Adel Jibs we administer simple and complex estates for those who die domiciled in the UK.

We administer simple and complex estates for those who die domiciled in the UK or abroad. Should a claim be brought (or need to be brought) against the estate we would work closely with our litigation team in the conduct of the claim.

We help you make decisions by setting out your options and with recommendations.

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