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Obtaining early legal advice is vital when you become aware that your landlord is seeking possession which can prevent proceedings becoming issued at Court. If proceedings are issued, there are strict limits for filing a defence.

Obtaining early legal advice when you are aware that your landlord is seeking possession can prevent proceedings being issued. There are numerous grounds for seeking possession of your property such as, rent arrears, breach of tenancy, criminal conviction, or anti-social behaviour.

If your situation fits the above, our team has a wealth of experience in successfully defending possession proceedings on both mandatory and discretionary grounds.

Even when a possession order is made against you, our team can assist you with advice on preventing your eviction before a warrant for eviction is executed.

Being evicted may result in homelessness, where there is no defence to possession proceedings and/or the property you were evicted from was not suitable, there are housing options available through council’s housing department.

Our Enfield Housing team can guide you through the process to ensure you receive suitable housing. 

For expert legal advice on all housing matters including whether or not you are eligible for legal aid, do not hesitate to call Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors in confidence on 02034173859.



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