Services for Landlords

We provide expert legal advice and representation for both landlords and tenants in London. Whether you need assistance with lease agreements, eviction proceedings, security deposit disputes, or property maintenance issues, our experienced solicitors are here to help.

At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping landlords navigate the complex world of property law. Our professional expertise spans from drafting straightforward tenancy agreements to representing landlords in intricate property disputes leading to litigation.

Throughout our years of service, we’ve noticed many landlords, or the estate agents they employ, frequently prepare their own tenancy agreements and notices. This practice, unfortunately, often results in improperly drafted documents, leading to unnecessary financial losses.

This is where our expertise comes into play. At Adel Jibs, our proficiency in property law enables us to represent both landlords and tenants efficiently, provided there’s no conflict of interest. As a landlord, you’ll find our timely and accurate legal advice invaluable, particularly when a dispute emerges. We guide you to follow the correct procedures and comply with your legal responsibilities, thereby avoiding potential pitfalls.

Our Landlord Services Include:

  • Initiating and managing possession proceedings and eviction
  • Assisting with the removal of squatters
  • Resolving leasehold and service charge disputes
  • Dealing with unlawful eviction cases
  • Defending claims, including housing disrepair claims
  • Managing deposit disputes
  • Overseeing arrears recovery for rent and service charge
  • Handling disrepair issues
  • Mediating disputes with management agents
  • Responding to enforcement notices

Take the next step with Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors. Contact our dedicated housing solicitors on 02034173859 or chat with Del today. We’re here to provide the legal support that landlords need to protect their investment and ensure smooth tenancy relationships.

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