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It is our policy to provide all our clients with as much information about the estimated cost of their matter.

We are competitively priced in the local area and are able to provide either fixed fees or matters charged by the hour.

We pride ourselves in offering legal services at prices that are transparent and affordable.

We have legal aid in the area of Housing & Debt and Community Care, and Family Law. We can assess your eligibility for legal aid where it is available for your legal issue.

If legal aid is not available, our standard terms are that you pay according to the time spent on your case. However, for those on a tight budget or where the work to be done is very predictable we have a menu of fixed fees.

In all cases terms & conditions apply to our fees which will be explained to you when you instruct us.

You will be given a copy of the terms of business that we ask you to sign.

Fees to others called ‘disbursements’ may be payable in addition to our fees. These can be court fees, Land Registry fees, interpreting fees, service fees. Help with the cost of court fees may be available if you meet financial eligibility criteria.

All the rates and disbursements listed below are current as of November 2018. Fees charged by others are sometimes altered on short notice and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures at all times.



Our Family Law Matters are Principal led, and fees have taken that into consideration.

We can agree to fixed fees where the petition is not contested by the other party.
Uncontested Divorce Proceedings: – £2,350 (Including VAT). This includes the court fees for filing the Divorce petition

The above is where your spouse is not seeking to defend(contest) the divorce, and your spouse promptly completes and send the acknowledgement of service to court within the required time.

The agreed fixed fees will cover:

  • Dealing with your divorce from the start to finish.
  • Up to 3 hrs face to face consultation with your solicitor to discuss your divorce or any issues you may have such as financial matters or issues regarding children.
  • Court fees £593
  • VAT

What fixed fees will not cover:

  • Negotiating the family finances
  • Resolving childcare arrangement
  • Bailiff fees for personal service of the divorce petition

Contested Divorce Proceedings: – £4500 – £10000

This is where your spouse is seeking to defend the divorce petition. If your case is defended (contested). For preparation and representation up to and including the First Court Hearing (Further costs to be advised in accordance with the number of Court hearings and complexity of matter).

  • Child Arrangement Contact – £1800+VAT includes 1st Court Hearing
  • Court Attendance- £450+VAT

Financial Proceedings

For the preparation of a Consent Order or Separation Agreement on basis of terms agreed between the parties£3,500 – £6,000
For the preparation of a Consent Order following financial disclosure and negotiation of settlement terms, without Court proceedings.£4,500 – £8,000
Legal fees for acting for you and representing you at Court up to and including the First Directions Appointment Hearing (FDAH)£4,500 – £8,000
Additional fees after the FDAH and up to and including the Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment Hearing (FDRAH) (The second court hearing)£2,500 – £7,000
Additional fees after the FDRAH for a further FDRAH/directions hearing£2,500 – £7,000
Additional fees thereafter, up to and including the Final Hearing£10,500 – £15,000
Should complexities arise / information comes to light which is not known at the time these estimates are provided, fees may be higher 

Disbursements for financial applications


Application by Consent for a Financial Order

Application for a Financial Order, other than by consent

Application to issue Enforcement proceedings

Amount (no vat payable)




Maintenance Pending Suit (MPS) Applications

Preparation and attendance at hearing

Additional fees if a second court hearing is required

£3,500 – £6,500

£3,500 – £7,500 




At Adel Jibs  & Co Solicitors, Our Immigration Services are Principal led, and we provide competitive fees for immigration services and our fees are as follows, with VAT only applicable where indicated.



Nationality / Naturalisation
£750.00 plus VAT– Excludes Home Office Fees2
to 3 Months


Applications on behalf of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their
family members.

£550.00 plus VAT– (Excludes HO Fees)

2-3 Months


Spouse and partners application including Fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner

£1500.00 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee -NHS Surcharge-
Expert/third party reports (if required).

2-3 Months inside the UK and 5-6 Months
outside of the UK


Family application for parents under rights of a British Citizen child/partner 10-
year route

£1500 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee -NHS Surcharge-
Expert/third party reports (if required)

2-3 Months inside the UK and 5-6 Months
outside of the UK


Application to remain in the UK under your family life or private life

£1500 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee -NHS Surcharge-
Expert/third party reports (if required)

2 – 3 months


Dependent relative and family reunion application

£1500 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee NHS Surcharge
Expert/third party reports/letter, if required)

5-6 Months outside of the UK


Ancestry Visa

£1800 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee NHS Surcharge
Expert/third party reports/letter, if required)

5-6 Months outside of the UK


Long Residence Application

£1800 plus VAT (Excludes HO Fees, Entry Clearance fee NHS Surcharge
Expert/third party reports/letter, if required)

5-6 Months outside of the UK


Human Rights Appeal

£2800 Plus VAT (Excludes Appeal Fees)

The standard turnaround time for Home office related applications is 6 months.


General Immigration Appeals

£2800 Plus VAT (Excludes Appeal Fees)


Our costs listed above are based on a combination of competitive market pricing as well as an hourly rate based on the approximate amount of work carried out by a qualified solicitor at a flat rate of £280 plus VAT. Adeleke Ajibola, Principal of the firm would be dealing with your matter. Over 14 years of experience.

Please note that all fees stated show above are exclusive of VAT. Charging VAT in relation to immigration matters can be complex as it may depend on where the client lives (application coming outside of the UK). We will confirm whether VAT (at a rate of 20%) is payable on fees when you instruct us and we can work out if VAT is properly chargeable.

Costs & Disbursements

For most applications, only Home Office fees apply . Some applications may also include an NHS Surcharge. Neither Home Office fees nor NHS surcharges carry VAT. If there’s a need for appeals to the immigration tribunal, court, or administrative reviews, additional fees will apply based on the specific type of application. To understand the exact costs associated with your application type, please reach out to us. It’s important to note that these additional fees are VAT-exempt.

However, if we instruct Counsel/a Barrister to represent you in any hearings, the costs could be subject to VAT. The costs of instructing a Counsel/Barrister will of course depend on the level of experience of the Barrister. 


The duration from the start of the file to its completion for each immigration application largely hinges on the processing times set by the UK Border Agency or Home Office. At Adel Jibs, we strive to process and prepare your application for submission within 1-4 weeks, although this can vary based on the intricacy of your case. While the UK Border Agency and Home Office have suggested waiting or processing times, there are instances where they might take considerably longer to evaluate or decide on an application. As such, it’s challenging to provide an exact time frame. For a more detailed overview, we recommend visiting the UK Border Agency and Home Office websites to check their proposed processing times. It’s important to note that the time estimates for the services we provide can differ on a case-by-case basis.

Services Not Included

We have provided a comprehensive list of all services we provide above in compliance with SRA transparency rules. However, each transaction is unique and there may be some services which are not included in the fees quotes above. Where possible, we will try to establish this at the outset of the transaction, or we will let you know as soon as becoming aware of any services which you may need and which are not included in our costs. For further information please refer to the further immigration information section of our website.


Our Conveyancing Fees

Our fees in a residential transaction could vary as each transaction is not the same and our professional fees will reflect the requirements of your sale and purchase. For a specific quote and to discuss your requirements, please call 020 3417 3859 or info@adeljibssolicitors.co.uk . We have 2 members in the Department who may work on your matter, regardless of who works on your matter, the Supervisor is Mr Adeleke Ajibola. He is the principal of the firm.

Adeleke Ajibola – Principal Solicitors Adel Jibs (Head of Department)

Shalini Mahenthiran – Trainee Solicitor (2 years) 

Please see the below list for legal fees. Please note that VAT is charged at the government set rate (which is set at 20% at the time of publishing):

Sale and Purchase Up To 750,000.00 (Freehold)£1,200.00 plus VAT
Sale and Purchase Over 750,000.00 (Freehold)£1400.00 plus VAT
Sale and Purchase Over 1,000,000.00 (Freehold)£0.25% of the Purchase Price plus VAT

If any of the above are for a Leasehold property, there will be an additional legal fee of £250.00 plus VAT.

If the Buyer is a Company (corporate) there will be an additional legal fee of £200.00 plus VAT on top of the fees quoted above.

Depending on your transaction, you may be required to pay stamp duty, as such you may also be required to pay land registry fees. The fees to be paid and the sum to be paid for stamp duty varies depending. 

Below is a list of additional fees we may charge in a transaction. Please contact our offices and speak to one of our members of staff for a quote:

Head Lease Review£150.00 plus VAT for each Head Lease
Arranging Indemnity Insurance£50.00 plus VAT
Chain Transaction£100.00 plus VAT
Restrictions on Title£100.00 plus VAT
Gifts of Deposit£100.00 plus VAT for each gift
Unregistered title (Starting From)£300.00 plus VAT
Tenanted Properties (Review AST)£200.00 plus VAT
File Storage£20.00 plus VAT
Bankruptcy and Priority Searches (Approx.)£10.00 No VAT
Digital ID Verification (Per Person)£20.00 plus VAT
Enhanced AML/Due Diligence Checks (Approx)£100.00 plus VAT

Our costs listed above are based on a combination of competitive market pricing as well as an hourly rate based on the approximate amount of work carried out by a qualified solicitor at a flat rate of £280 plus VAT. Should any works be undertaken by a paralegal, or a trainee solicitor charge would be at a rate of £130.00 plus VAT per hour. Any work from the department is supervised by Adeleke Ajibola 

Costs & Disbursements on Your Behalf and VAT thereon

Apart from legal fees as indicated above, there are other costs which you will be incurred because of any residential transaction. It is important to note that these can vary depending on the type of transactions, such as whether you are selling a property or buying a property. Some costs do not have any VAT (such as stamp duty) whereas others are subject to VAT (such as searches). Here is an indicative list of usual costs and disbursements:

Land Registry Fee (Excluding VAT) – A fee is typically required by the HM Land Registry to update any changes in the register, such as when purchasing a house.  By way of example, when buying a house, we must apply to the HM Land Registry to record you as the new owner and register the details.

For a calculation of Land Registry Fees, please click here.

Stamp Duty (No VAT) – This is a tax on property imposed by the government. There are varying rates of stamp duty and the amount you would be required to pay depends on your circumstances. A property being purchased for a buy to let or a second homeowner may be required to pay a higher rate. A first-time buyer would pay a lower rate. For further information on stamp duty rates, please either contact us or use the HMRC Stamp Duty Calculator

Searches (Subject to VAT) – We would be required to carry our various searches in your purchase. Searches are usually provided by local authorities, utility providers (such as Thames Water) and other private search companies.

Searches are usually subject to VAT. For example, a residential search pack which includes a local authority search, drainage search and environmental search would be approximately £370.00 inclusive of VAT. 

Services Not Included

In line with SRA transparency rules, we’ve outlined a detailed list of our services above. However, each transaction is distinct, and some services might not be covered in the mentioned fees. Where possible, we will try to establish this at the outset of the transaction, or we will let you know as soon as becoming aware of any services which you may need, and which are not included in our costs. 

For further details on the services included in your transactions, please click here

We do not take Mortgage  instructions. 

Lasting Power of Attorney – Pricing


Work relating to A Lasting Power of Attorney is Principal led.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is an important legal document which allows you to nominate who you would want to make decision for you should you lost the capacity to make those decisions yourself.

There are two types of LPAs.

  1. Health and care
  2. Financial decisions

Our prices are fixed fees and they are based on the number of Lasting Powers of Attorney we are preparing:

  • Single LPA (an individual is making one type of LPA) £400 +VAT
  • Two LPAs (where a couple is making one LPA each or an individual is making both types) £700 +VAT

Four LPAs (when a couple is making both types) £1200 +VAT

Please note that the above fees do not include the Office of Public Guardian’s fees for registering the LPA which is £82 per document.

Wills – Pricing

All Wills and Probate related works is Principal led.

We offer fixed fee options for our Wills service so that you know from the outset exactly how much it will cost.

Your initial consultation costs £100 and is on a no obligation basis. The purpose of the consultation is to ensure that you know exactly the type of Will that is right for you, and how much you will pay. You can then decide whether you want to go ahead.

If, after the consultation, you wish to instruct us to prepare your Will, we will deduct the consultation fee from the cost of the Will.

The cost of our Wills vary depending on the complexity:

  • Standard Wills (individual) – from £350 plus VAT
  • Standard Wills (couple making mirror wills) – from £600 plus VAT
  • Trust/ Asset Protection Wills (individual) – from £500 plus VAT
  • Trust/ Asset Protection Wills (couple) – from £800 plus VAT

The above fees do not include any supplementary matters that may arise in the preparation of your Will e.g Letter of Wishes or severing of joint tenancy.

          PROBATE FEES
  • Straight forward Grant application only, with no inheritance tax issues, and the estate being below the current nil rate band of £ 325,000 and all information is provided:

       £ 800.00 plus VAT – plus Probate Court fee.

  • Grant application only, on the second spouse’s death, involving a claim to transfer the nil rate band, and all information is provided:

      £ 1,500.00 – £ 1,600 plus VAT –  plus Probate Court fee.              

  • Grant application only, involving a claim to transfer the nil rate band and residence nil rate band, and all information is provided:

£ 1,800.00 – £ 2,200 plus VAT – plus Probate Court fee.

Overall costs:

The total legal costs associated with estate administration can vary significantly based on several factors. While we can provide more precise estimates once we fully understand the intricacies of an estate, we recognize that an initial ballpark figure might be helpful for you. Typically, our legal costs tend to range from 2% to 3% of the estate’s overall value. It’s worth noting that larger estates, despite their size, might incur lesser costs if they are straightforward. Conversely, some smaller estates may have complexities that result in higher legal fees.

where in situations where a solicitor of this firm have been named as Executors in the Will, or have been instructed in the full administration of the estate, if the net value of the estate exceeds £10,000 a percentage value will be added to the final bill for those assets in sole and joint names with another calculated as follows:-

  • Net Estate less residence – 1%
  • Residence – 0.5%

Factors which are likely to increase costs:

  1. Numerous accounts or asset types.
  2. Assets which are time consuming to value or sell such as company shares, real property, or international assets.
  3. Numerous beneficiaries (and whether any of those beneficiaries are minors or lack capacity);
  4. Whether there are any ongoing Trusts or unusual conditions specified in the Will.
  5. International elements (assets or beneficiaries);
  6. Inheritance Tax complications such as instalment payments or recalculations.
  7. Conflicting instructions, disagreements between executors or beneficiaries, or challenges, which may become litigious and will be dealt with by our litigation department. 


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry fees or court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Anticipated Disbursements

Probate Fee£155.00
Office Copies for the Grant of Probate (per copy)£0.50
Commissioners fees for Swearing Oath of probate  per executor£7.00
Land Registry Search fee (per title)£3.00
Bankruptcy Search fee (per beneficiary)£0.50
Post in the Local Newspaper & London Gazette (typical)£188.00
Land Registry assent fee for a typical property (value dependent)£80.00

The cost of selling or transferring a property is not included in this price, if you require this service, please let us know and we will provide you with an estimate in that regard.


Our fees are fixed and include items detailed above, however there may be factors which would typically increase the cost of the fees involved. Where there is likely to be any additional cost, we will make sure you are informed of this at the earliest opportunity and a clear estimate of those extra costs will be provided.

Additional services that will require the assistance of a third party at additional cost include:

  • Tax advice
  • Valuations for property, savings, investments or other assets

​Time Scales

On average, probate for the typical estate will take between 3 – 12 months. Generally, the time taken to obtain the Grant of Probate will take between 3 – 6 months, followed by the collection of assets and distribution of the assets which can take between 4 -12 months. The range takes into account handling everything from straightforward estate through to more complex estates.

Key Milestones

With every transaction there are key milestones, which may vary according to individual circumstances. They may be as follows:

  • Applying for Grant of Probate
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate
  • Settling Liabilities
  • Collecting funds ready for distribution
  • Distributing funds
  • Producing Estate account
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