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We all need little help at times and ensuring that you secure that right can be challenging and difficult. At Adel Jibs we can be of assistance.

If you are an individual that depends on accessing community care every day, losing that care can leave you feeling at risk, alone and vulnerable during difficult times.

At Adel Jibs, our Community care specialists have experience in tackling legal issues around care services. We have successfully helped our clients seek justice for a range of legal problems in the areas of:

  • Failure to carry out community care assessment.
  • Failure to provide a suitable level of care following an assessment
  • Withdrawal or reduction of a previous level of care

At Adel Jibs, we understand the sensitivity of issues around Community care, especially when you depend on those services in your everyday life. You are important members of our Society.

Our aim is to put you our client first, to get you the result you deserve and access to the care that will enable you to live your day to day without disruption.

At Adel Jibs we can assist or advice you in challenging your Community care decision.

If you, a loved one or someone you care for needs to request an assessment or challenge a community care decision kindly contact our team.

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