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Technology is changing the legal sector

Technology now impacts daily life, its impact can be felt on businesses across the globe, healthcare sector, education and the media. 

What about the legal profession ? Well, from courtrooms to all types of law  firms, technology is changing the landscape. According to a study conducted by Mckinsey Global Institute  it found that 23% of a lawyer’s work can be carried out automated. The outsourced work can include: scanning documents, streamlining communication and the use of smart contracts. 

Also, algorithms are more involved in the daily working of a lawyer’s life, they challenge the need for an actual person performing such tasks. However in doing so , the legal professionals must therefore dedicate their time to important issues. 

Smaller Law Firms Competing with Larger Firms 

It is not expected that every practising lawyer should understand tech and the legal work equally. However, making use of resources, such as virtual receptionist services, online payment systems , case management system and internal communication systems  can enable help with paying with the field with larger firms. At the end of the day, it is client satisfaction that is far more important. 

The trajectory is that the importance of automation will continue to grow as law firms recognise its impact of reducing expenses and boost efficiency. 

Flexible working conditions are on the rise 

The days of confinement to desk are a thing of the past. Integration of technology now enables firms to operate like a business does. 

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