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What Should You Do If Your Rental Property is in Disrepair?

Law requires your landlord to provide you with a safe home. If they are not meeting these standards or if the repairs performed on your property, do not meet agreed-upon deadlines, then it’s best that you contact our housing disrepair solicitors for help! You could be entitled to a claim.

  1. Notify your landlord about the disrepair. 

A landlord cannot be held responsible for disrepairs that they do not know about. So, if there is a problem with your rental property and you have tried to fix it yourself or communicate with them but nothing has worked so far then I would advise you to give ‘notice of repairs’ straightaway!

It is therefore a good practice for you to communicate with your landlord via email or text. This is important as it might be used as evidence later.

        2. Take photographs and gather evidence 

Along with notifying your landlord, you should also take photographs of the disrepair. You can do this when first become aware or sooner if it is an issue that has already been developing over time and needs to be addressed immediately like plumbing problems in bathroom areas for example which could lead up costing unnecessary repair bills down the line

During all interactions between property managers/landlords and tenants – whether verbal agreements are reached face-to-face OR written documents exchanged via mail ensure to keep your evidence.

        3. Wait a reasonable amount of Time 

By law, your landlord is allowed a reasonable amount to carry out the repairs you have complained about. There is no set definition of what is a reasonable time, however, if your landlord has not done anything after 21 days and repair is urgent, then you should contact our housing solicitors, who will also consider the option of legal aid. At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we can assist you with legal aid funding provided you meet the criteria. 

         4. Contact our disrepair solicitors 

If you think that your rental property is in a state of disrepair and needs to be made good and you have notified your landlord and had no response – then contact us. We are specialist housing disrepair solicitors and can help. 

If you are renting in the private sector, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that your house or flat is safe to live in and meets minimum property standards. The local authority enforces these standards by carrying out safety inspections of homes at least once a year, usually in response to complaints from tenants about specific problems

We offer a free initial enquiry, so you can find out what your options are without having to worry about the cost. Call us on 02034173859, email info@adeljibssolicitors.co.uk or you can complete our Free Online Enquiry Form and we will be in touch soon. 

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