Contentious Wills, Trusts and Inheritance – Solicitors in Enfield

Concerns might arise that a Will should not be valid, maybe because it was made at a point in time when the testator(person making will) did not have sufficient mental capacity to make a Will or it was made under duress or undue influence by a third party.

Sometimes, family members are excluded from benefitting under a Will, whether deliberately or by accident.

There can be occasions when the Beneficiaries of a Will are concerned that the Executors appointed are not carrying out their duties properly or are not accounting to them appropriately.

Trustees of Trusts have rigorous fiduciary duties but it may be felt that they are not exercising their discretion in accordance with the Trust or the law.

We can advise on the legal remedies that may be available in these and other similar circumstances.

By creating a Will or Trust, individuals can ensure that their wishes are followed in all matters relating to inheritance or distribution upon death.

A will is an arrangement where the property is distributed according to the instructions stated during a lifetime. – A trust provides for the establishment of assets which may include ownership held through legal entities such as corporations or partnerships so these interests can pass from one generation to another without probate proceedings being required each time there is a change in ownership interest. – It’s important when choosing someone to prepare your estate planning documents that you have confidence they have the experience and knowledge needed in order to provide quality, cost-effective services while minimising potential pitfalls along the way.

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