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Request a Review of a Homeless decision

If you disagree with the decision of a local authority within your homeless application, you have the rights to ask for that decison to be reviewed by a senior officer who was not involved in the original decision. 
The process is called a section 202 review.  At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we can assist you with responding to a homeless application decision. You may be entitlled to legal aid.

You have the rights to seek a review of homeless application if the following decision has been made.

  • eligibility – If you have been found not eligible or restricted access to housing
  • homelessness – If you have been found to be not homeless
  • the reasonable steps, or changes to those steps, set out in your Personalised Housing Plan – to prevent or relieve your homelessness
  • priority need – If you have been found to be non priority
  • intentionality – If you have been found to be intentionally homeless
  • referral to another local authority – If the decision is to refer your case to another council or that the conditions for referral have been met
  • suitability of accommodation – Final Offer of accommodation to end the homeless duty owed to you
  • discharge of duty – Where the local authority determines it no longer owes you a duty because of a change in circumstances, due to an act resulting in the loss of your temporary accommodation offer or an unreasonable refusal of a suitable offer of settled accommodation
  • a decision that you have deliberately and unreasonably failed to cooperate with the council.
  • the Prevention Duty has been brought to an end
  • the Relief Duty has been brought to an end
You have the rights to request for review and this must be within 21 days of the date of the decision letter. It is important that some local authority sometimes are reluctant to extend this 21 days period.

 In your request for review, you should explain why you feel the decision is wrong and incorrect and submit any supporting evidence where necessary. If the original decision is upheld, you may seek an appeal through the county court.
Our Housing Solicitors is here to help you today.

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If the tenant does not leave the landlord must seek a warrant for eviction from the court and the court will then arrange for bailiffs to evict the tenant. Once again, your landlord cannot evict by any other method.

We offer a free initial enquiry, so you can find out what your options are without having to worry about the cost. We will discuss the Legal Aid Option with you. We cover the Edmonton Green, Enfield and Tottenham areas.

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