A Judge will certainly read the small print and this will happen when terms and conditions is needed to settle matters. 

             Our clients typically ask the following questions:

  • I did not read it and therefore should not be bound by it –  It does not matter, you may still be bound by it. 
  • My Customers are all good eggs – It is impossible that a business would be free of awkward customers. – This is why your terms and conditions will be protecting your business. 
  • I have for the past 15 years  conducted business without terms and conditions in place – Lets be honest, there is always a first time for every thing. The approach is not to wait for legal action to be taken against you, but to put mechanism in place that would protect your business.
  • I  have insurance… This may only cover a fraction of the potential liability your company may be exposed to. It is therefore important that you have a robust set term and condition to support your business. 

We offer FIXED FEES to draft (or amend existing) terms and conditions.

If you already have terms and conditions in place – Then the firm of Adel jibs & Co Solicitors, A leading law firm in London is able to help you to review them ? Do they reflect your intention and how you want to do busines.  Terms and conditions must reflect how your business operates. 


What can we do to help ? DEL IS WAITING ALSO 


Our solicitors in Enfield, and operates across London and offer fixed fees to draft (or amend existing) terms and conditions; as well as providing detailed advice on how to ensure your terms are incorporated into contracts with your customers. 

At the firm of Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors we now have a turkish caseworker to assist us with the process. Serving our community is what we do best. 


What To Do Next 


At Adel Jibs our solicitors in Enfield, and across London we are highly experienced in all matters of property. For advice, assistance or representation please contact us on 02034173859 or complete our online contact form.


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