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Success in Judicial Review Application of Homeless Client – Housing Solicitors for you

Success in Judicial Review Application

We recently acted for a client in an urgent application for Judicial Review to the High Court based on the failure of the Council to respond to our client’s homelessness application and even after service of the letter of claim putting them on notice of a Judicial Review.

Following the filing of the urgent application to the High Court for failure to respond to the client’s homeless application and to provide interim accommodation, the respondent was certainly not prepared for the protracted litigation ahead and backed down to demands, (1) respond to the homeless application (2) provide the client with interim accommodation. Our client has now moved into the property.

Judicial Review is part of the Appeal process in the United Kingdom and applying for judicial review will involve organisations that provide public services – such as local authorities–or private companies that provide public service as part of its operations.

if you are homeless and the council has refused to provide you with accommodation or has delayed the allocation of council housing to you, it may be possible to apply for Judicial Review.

Our housing solicitors are here to help prepare the application for Judicial Review in cases involving homelessness or there is a delay in offering emergency accommodation to homeless family or individuals.

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