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What is Probate ?

Before the estate of a loved one can be distributed, the individual(s) responsible for dealing with the
estate may be required to apply to the court for the legal authority to do so. This authority is called a
grant of representation and the individuals who obtain it are called Personal Representatives (PR).
There are two main types of grant of representation, a grant of probate (obtained when there is a Will
in place) and grant of letters of administration (obtained when there is no Will).
Probate gives the PR the legal authority to collect in (and eventually distribute) the deceased’s asset
including, but not limited to, bank accounts, property, and other financial investments in accordance
with the deceased’s Will.
If the deceased didn’t leave a Will, a close relative of the deceased can become a PR by applying to
the probate registry for a grant to deal with the estate. They will then manage the estate affairs and
arrange distribution in line with the laws of intestacy.
When is a grant of representation required?
A grant is almost always needed when the person who died leaves one or more of the following:
1. Stock or shares or other financial investments
2. Certain insurance policies
3. Property or land held solely in the deceased’s name or as ‘tenants in common’
4. £20,000 or more.
You may not need a grant in certain circumstances, such as if the deceased:
1. left less than £20,000
2. Owned everything jointly with someone else and everything passes automatically to the surviving joint
At Adel Jibs, our probate experts understand the stress associated with grieving the loss of a loved
one. We hope to alleviate the additional stress of managing the deceased’s estate in order to allow
you the opportunity to grieve the death of a loved one properly.
Our probate solicitors will go over and beyond to support you and your family through the most difficult
times and our fixed fee probate service will also help ease your worries regarding costs.
Let us help.

We can connect you with our probate solicitors today. For more information or to make contact with our team call us on 02034173859 or info@adeljibssolicitors.co.uk

For more information or to make contact with our team call us on 02034173859 or



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