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Should I use a Solicitor for Probate: 5 Reasons to use a Solicitor for Probate

5 Reasons to Use a Solicitor for Probate


The pandemic changed so many things for us all, at Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, probate solicitors in Enfield, we are receiving enquiries about the use of solicitors in probate matters.

Although it is possible to administer an estate without legal assistance, we don’t recommend it.

Below are our 5 reasons you should consider the use of a Solicitor


1. Correctly Interpret the Will

One thing is clear, the majority of Wills are written with some legal jargon or use of Latin words and because of the legal interpretation of words and phrases, there is a risk of a mistake, and if you administer assets incorrectly, you could be liable for the mistake.

2. Understand Legal Burden and its responsibilities and deal with Tax

The person that administers the estate is known as the personal representative. There is a number of burdens that is placed on the personal representative., For example, if the relevant notices of the deceased death are not placed on the death register and then assets are distributed.

It is good to know what those burdens are and to receive advice about them. By taking advice from a solicitor, you will be ensuring that you know the burden and its responsibilities and importantly the steps you will need to take.

If the total value of the deceased’s estate is large, Inheritance Tax may be payable. There are various reliefs that may be applicable which will reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable.

3. Receive practical advice on what you need to do

A probate solicitor will deal with a wide range of situations that would be complex which only come with experience.

4. To clarify any doubts about the validity of the Will, or any issues in drafting or signing of the Will

At the earliest time possible, advice should be obtained for this. Often there are situations where the Probate Register will require affidavits from the witnesses to the will to confirm the circumstances of the signing of the Will just to confirm the validity.

5. Reduce family disagreement and save money

As a family dealing with death is difficult and stressful enough disagreement and arguments or even action at court. It is important that a personal representative stays neutral and to ensure that assets ate not distributed until any claim has been dealt with. Solicitors can help to avoid any potential arguments.

Estate administration takes time and involves dealing with several paper works and form filing. A solicitor who knows the processes and procedures can complete the work accurately and efficiently. The best compliment we recently received from a probate client was being told that I’d already saved them money in the first couple of days of instructing our solicitors.

If you have any queries about the inheritance act or divorce proceedings, our specialist probate solicitors in Enfield and the family law team are ready to assist. Please contact us on 020 3417 385 or complete our online form. 

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The information given here is intended for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.



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