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Housing Disrepair Success Story

Success Story

The Housing Team at Adel Jibs & Co solicitors are specialists in defending the rights of tenants in Enfield. We understand that life becomes a miserable one when your landlord refuses to carry out repair works to your home.

At Adel Jibs we take instruction on a case involving housing disrepair, which includes water penetration into the property, as well as mould and damp.

It an implied term and pursuant to section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 that our client’s landlord would keep in repair the structure and exterior of the dwelling house and the installation therein for the supply for gas, water, electricity, sanitation and space heating.

We had made an application to the court requesting suspension of possession order and application to bring a counterclaim against the local authority landlord, both granted by the court.

Following the filing of the counterclaim, a surveyor was commissioned to give a report and schedule of works. The report identified structural disrepair at the property. The landlord failed to accept liability alleging the client’s lack of access to carry our works. No settlement was reached, and the matter was decided by the court.

The court awarded the sum of £8,000.00 to our client as damages. Our local housing solicitors are continually engaged in defending the rights of tenants. That is the reason why we work closely with the citizen advice bureau Enfield.



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