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What happens if you die without making a Will ?

In some cases, people die without creating a Will. In such instances, they are described as having died ‘intestate’, meaning that the estate of the deceased person will now be distributed in accordance with the law and rules of intestacy.

In England and Wales by leaving a Will that clearly states exactly who you wish your property, money etc be to be distributed amongst family and friends, you prevent the unnecessary hassle that comes with the heartache that comes with losing a loved one.

If you die without a Will the listed below could apply to you:

If you are married, your husband or wife could inherit all your assets leaving beloved children with nothing. (This includes the situation where you are separated but not divorced).

If you have a partner and are not married, your partner will not be legally entitled to your assets when you die.

The crown will inherit your estate if you do not have living relatives. Known as bona vacantia.

It is a common practice amongst couples to share bank accounts or jointly own a home. If you are a beneficial joint tenant at the time of your death, your partner will automatically inherit your share of the property.

Further to the above, your partner will not automatically inherit the property if the property is a  ‘tenancy in common’.

Making a Will doesn’t need to be difficult or be a long, daunting process.

Our Will and Probate experts are on hand to ensure your leave your loved one with something, and assets are protected.

Get in touch today for more information and see how we can help with our easy will writing service.



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