Keep calm and be prepared
Keep calm and be prepared
What’s a Bundle

Bring your bundle with you” is a common saying. It’s something that most people have heard before or maybe not at all, but what exactly IS your “bundle”? A bundle refers to the file of documents that will be reviewed by a court or tribunal during their hearing process- this could include anything from emails and photographs as well any original sources such as witness statements and even physical evidence if it exists!

ousYour bundle is a compilation of key documents, which can be used as evidence in court. It should contain all the relevant paperwork and information

Bundles are factual evidence, concise, to the point, with a contents page, quick reference and appendices. There may be different ways of doing this, but it’s normally in chronological order and naturally case dependant.

A minimum of three copies is usually compiled.

One for yourself (A defendant or claimant in the matter), one for the other party and one for the Judge. Larger, more complicated and complex cases can have many copies of the bundle on request.

You are always given apt time from the courts to prepare your bundle.

It does not have to be a solicitor who produces your bundle, it could quite easily be a friend or a representative, or even yourself if you are representing yourself.

  • Statements
  • Contents
  • Evidence
  • The three main section
  • Keep it simple, factual and make it easy to navigate.

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A guide to Caveat in Estate Administration

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If you are considering using Solicitors, Our Solicitors in Enfield are ready to see you today.

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