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Time to consider Amicable Settlement in Your Divorce

It is the popular belief that divorce is full of conflict and disagreement. However, contrary to that popular belief, not all divorce needs to be full of conflict and disagreement.

Just because couples have decided that they no longer want to be together, separating can be done sensitively and considerately.

At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors our family law team have wide-ranging experience of arranging divorces in which both partners feel have been fairly treated and emerge ready to move on to the next phase of their respective lives.

Divorce can be emotionally challenging especially when there are children involved. There are certain steps that partners can take to minimise the upset.

Put the child first: 

While parents have decided to divorce, it is important to note that is something that will affect children and they will have had little or no say in the matter.

It is therefore important that parents look at it from the children’s angle to see what the best for them would possibly be.

Try not to play the blame game: 

It is easy for partners to apportion blame, very understandably so, but it’s not very helpful in terms of drawing a line under a relationship. If both partners can bring themselves to accept that this is a marriage that has reached the bottom and in which both will be much happy after separation, this lays the foundation for an amicable divorce.

Negotiate in good faith:

If anything is going to go smoothly, it relies on the openness and honesty of one or both partners. All assets must be openly revealed, with none being concealed.

In most relationships, it is usually the case that one or other partner tends to have a greater financial responsibility, and as such, this is the time when burden should be shared and for absolute openness.

Focus on the big picture

It can be very easy to start taking a very close interest in the most insignificant of issues when you’re negotiating a divorce. But by taking a broader look, will help to focus and what is important.

At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we appreciate that no divorce is easy. We have a great deal of experience of advising all kinds of clients ensuring it is pain-free as possible.

Simply contact our London Office or email us at info@adeljibssolicitors.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the matter in more detail.




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