Christmas is the time for sharing!


1. Co-operation

Even with an organised plan, unforeseen circumstances do occur. In this regard, we encourage you to work together to get an amicable settlement. At Adel Jibs, we understand that last-minute changes often occur and upset the balance of your Christmas and New Year festivity and as a result, we recommend a child-focused approach in making decisions. The interest of the children should be put first.


2. Compromises

If you are struggling to reach an agreement, it is important to note that what you do together will be very important for your children. We know that this period can be filled with emotions. However, we reiterate the importance of approaching matters with the children in mind.


3. Communication

The major reason for the downfall of successful co-parenting is a result of a breakdown in communication. To prevent misunderstanding, we advise that arrangements be made in advance, which should ideally be written by email, message.
Whilst we understand that navigating child arrangements during the festive period can be difficult. We encourage you to be present for your children during the festive period.
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The information given here is intended for general information purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.