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Help with housing issues ?

Adel Jibs Solicitors’ housing department is one of the most highly regarded in the Enfield, Edmonton, and Tottenham areas. 

Housing is vital to everyone’s daily life. 

Our housing law team is committed to helping people within our community obtain safe and healthy housing that fits the needs of their families. 

As a firm, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and know the significance of the problems they are going through. 

We can assist you with the listed below: 


House which is damp and mouldy, defective wiring of electrics, damage to roof or plumbing issues.  

If your landlord has not taken action to make good repairs at the property, we can bring a claim not only to fix issues at the property but for your landlord to pay damages for any harm you and your family may have suffered during this period. 

Tenant Eviction 

Being evicted from your home can cause so much uncertainty, especially in these turbulent economic times and COVID-19 driven world.

At Adel Jibs we can quickly establish whether your landlord is evicting you unlawfully and offer a range of advice.  

Our Housing Solicitors will use every legal measure to ensure you and your family are protected. 

Obtaining early legal advice is vital when you become aware that your landlord is seeking possession which can prevent proceedings from becoming issued at Court. 

If proceedings are issued, there are strict limits for filing a defence.

Obtaining early legal advice when you are aware that your landlord is seeking possession can prevent proceedings from being issued.

There are numerous grounds for seeking possession of your property such as rent arrears, breach of tenancy, criminal conviction, or anti-social behaviour.

Rehousing and Homelessness: 

Our housing solicitors has challenged the local authority decision to deny housing. In many cases, such decisions are unlawful as it is the duty of the local authority to give priority to people who are homeless and are considered disabled, of old age, or in cases, where are children are involved. 

Everybody needs a home and some people are entitled to help from their local authority in finding one. Securing the required assistance, you need, can sometimes be difficult.

  • · Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness within the next 28 days?
  • · Have you asked for help from your local authority for help, but they have refused to take your homeless application?
  • · Has the local authority refused to provide you with emergency accommodation pending a written decision?
  • · Has the local authority issued a decision refusing to assist you?
  • · Is the temporary accommodation provided by the local authority unsuitable?

We have helped hundreds of clients and can ensure that you receive the help that you are entitled to by challenging any negative decision made by the Local Authority. If it becomes necessary, we may be able to take your case to court by way of an appeal.

It is often helpful to seek early legal advice so please get in touch with us today, so you can speak to one of our Housing Lawyer who can help.

 To speak with one of our housing law team, please call us on 02034173859 or complete the online form.  



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