You may have concerns about a Will. Perhaps you feel that your loved one who has just passed away did not have the relevant capacity to make a Will, or that the decision have been influenced by someone regarding the legacies in their Will.

At Adel Jibs we are able to advise you on the likelihood of success of a potential claim, investigate and obtain evidence on and if necessary make a court application on your behalf. If you act an executor to an estate and are faced with someone contesting the Will that is to be administered, Our Contentious Probate Solicitors can help defend the claim.

Who can challenge the validity of a Will?

Broadly speaking, challenges to a Will are usually by family members of the deceased, any other party (charities and friends).
How do I contest a Will and/or make a financial provision claim?
From the onset, it is necessary to assess the merits of any potential claim you may have and understand if it would cost it effective and reasonable to do so.
The claim of this nature is undertaken by solicitors specialising in contentious probate matters. As an applicant, you must be aware of strict time limits, particularly in relation to the 1975 Act.
Generally speaking, claims to contest a will are made within 6 months of Grant of Probate.
Further to the above, until a Grant of Probate has been obtained the stopwatch will not start.
If the claim relates to the validity of the Will, it is generally better to address this sooner than later as memories fade away.

Inheritance Act Claims

  • If you were financially dependent on someone who has died and you feel that you’ve not been sufficiently provided for under their Will, the Inheritance Act gives you an opportunity to request additional provision from the estate.
    At Adel Jibs we can act for making a claim on behalf of Executors to defend a claim. Call today us if you are considering contesting a Will.
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