Far too often, we see things differently; it is no different for lawyers. We are a contrary bunch.

Ask 8 lawyers the same question and do not be surprised that you will get 8 variations of the answers.

This is exactly through when it comes to issuing a claim. Sometimes the lawyer that you consult may not see merits and prospects in your case, and if you have consulted an experienced lawyer more often than not, they will be correct in their decision. But not always…

A different lawyer might see a route to success that the previous one did not, which is why it is recommended to get a second opinion before going into litigation.

Ron is glad he took a second opinion from Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors at our office. Having been told by one firm that he did not have a claim. Having heard the facts, we were able to help; the defendant admitted liability, and Ron was compensated.

With over 25 years of experience in litigation and claims, Adel Jibs Solicitors is able to see claims differently and to find arguments that other firms might not. Our Solicitors in Enfield prides itself in getting results.

If you have been told by another firm, it might be worth having a chat with our litigation team it never hurts to have a second look.

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