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Legal Aid in Family Law: For Your Understanding

At Adel Jibs, we understand the complexities surrounding family legal matters and the importance of having the right support. Legal aid can be a crucial resource for those requiring legal assistance navigating this difficult situation, and here legal aid can assist you with the assistance from the legal aid agency.

Non-Means, Non-Merits Tested Legal Aid:

Legal aid is available without consideration of your income or the case’s prospects of success in specific situations:

  1. Care Proceedings: – When care proceedings are initiated, both the child involved and the parents or individuals with parental responsibility are automatically eligible for legal aid.
  2. Abduction Cases: – Certain cases of abduction also qualify for legal aid on a non-means, non-merits tested basis, providing essential support during these challenging times.

Means and Merits Tested Legal Aid:

  1. For other family law matters, legal aid is subject to both financial eligibility and the case’s merits, including a) Children Act 1989 – Involving child contact, care, supervision order adjustments. b) Adoption and Children Act 2002: – Concerning placement orders and recovery orders.
  2. High Court’s Inherent Jurisdiction: – Including wardship and other significant orders relating to children.
  3. Family Law Act 1996: – For applications regarding non-molestation and occupation orders.

Applying for Legal Aid:

  • We will verify if your case falls within the scope of legal aid for family law. This is generally applicable to public law proceedings, representation of children, and private cases with evidence of domestic or child abuse.

At Adel Jibs, we’re committed to guiding you through these steps, ensuring you have the support and representation you need during these pivotal moments.



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