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Financial Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we commend the announcement made by the Home Office which took effect in January, thus marking a significant progress in support for victims of domestic violence.

The scheme which started in January, seek to help those in need of financial support and unable to escape their abusers, with this scheme in place, it sets to offer a vital lifeline. Through over 400 designated support services, eligible individuals can receive a one-time payment of £500.

This fund is specifically for the essentials – be it groceries, children’s necessities, or initial costs associated with securing a safe accommodation.  With this unprecedent move, there is also the provision for an additional one-time grant of up to £2,500. This is aimed at fostering a stable and independent future for the victim, who has gone through a lot.

This fund can cover the victims’ critical needs, such as rental deposit, thus leading to the transition towards a life free of abuse.

This initiative not only addresses the immediate safety concerns but also tackles the broader issue of homelessness and the risk of returning to abusive environments due to financial hardships.

At Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, we view this development as a monumental stride towards enhancing the support framework for those escaping abusive situations. The journey to safety is fraught with challenges, often involving leaving one’s home with minimal possession at times.

We welcome the news of the financial support available for those who are in an abusive relation.



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