As a leading law firm that serves the community, we fill a vital role.

But it is not just about providing the legal service, but also about a long-term relationship with the client and team members while leaning into the challenges brought about by covid 19 to discover growth, expansion, and success.


As a firm, all our successful client relationships are built on a solid foundation of Integrity, Impact, Effectiveness, Team Respect and Commitment.  We know that by forging this type of relationship, our client views about us is not just about providing legal advice. We have trusted Solicitors and Caseworkers that can advise on different areas of law.

Clients know we have their best interest in mind and that we can bring an outside perspective to matters


Our communication strategy revolves around the client, when they need us, we are available. Even if it is out of the office hours, there is an opportunity to talk to DelBot. DelBot does not give legal advice and will only ensure that your matter is passed to a team member in the relevant area of law.

But to advise and serve to the best of our ability in the area of law–the concept of trust and communication needs to flow in both directions. As such, it is therefore our duty and obligation to maintain client/solicitors’ confidentiality (within the legal limits) and the more we know, we can navigate the circumstance and give you the best possible advice.


Like many sectors across the world, the pandemic created unforeseen challenges, which has led to the closure of business across the United Kingdom. However, we learned that expansion and strategy change of entry points and diversification of our client base will help weather future storms.

With Growth comes its own set of obstacles. Competent and reliable and quality infrastructure is critical to long-lasting success.


As a law firm, technology is at the heart of our operation Law firms are known for being behind the times and as a result lack of technology often results in inefficiencies.

Luckily for us, our solicitors, have been advocates of technology since the outbreak of coronavirus, and we did not slow down.

The addition of new technologies continues us push us to streamline and improve our service to our clients across all areas of practice.


As a law, we seek to ensure the happiness of both our clients and team members. Integration of technology allows us to improve our processes.

When you treat your people right, they treat your client’s right. For the firm of Adel Jibs & Co Solicitors, it is a win-win.