It is our policy to provide all our clients with as much information about the estimated cost of their matter.

We are competitively priced in the local area and are able to provide either fixed fees or matters charged by the hour.

We pride ourselves in offering legal services at prices that are transparent and affordable.

We have legal aid in the area of Housing and Community Care and we can assess your eligibility for legal aid where it is available for your legal issue.

If legal aid is not available, our standard terms are that you pay according to the time spent on your case. However, for those on a tight budget or where the work to be done is very predictable we have a menu of fixed fees.

In all cases terms & conditions apply to our fees which will be explained to you when you instruct us. You will be given a copy of the terms of business that we ask you to sign.

Fees to others called ‘disbursements’ may be payable in addition to our fees. These can be court fees, Land Registry fees, interpreting fees, service fees. Help with the cost of court fees may be available if you meet financial eligibility criteria.

All the rates and disbursements listed below are current as at November 2018. Fees charged by others are sometimes altered on short notice and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures at all times.


Uncontested Divorce Proceedings – £2,350 (Including VAT and Court Divorce petition)

This is where your spouse is not seeking to defend(contest) the divorce.

For Preparation and representation, subject to spouse completing and filing the Acknowledgement of Service at Court within 14 days of receipt.

Our service includes:

• Dealing with your divorce from the start to finish.

• Up to 3 hrs face to face consultation with your solicitor to discuss your divorce or any issues you may have such as financial matters or issues regarding children.

• Court fees £550


Our service does not include:

• Negotiating the family finances

• Resolving childcare arrangement

• Bailiff fees for personal service of the divorce petition

Contested Divorce Proceedings – £4500 – £10000

This is where your spouse is seeking to defend the divorce petition. If your case is defended (contested). For preparation and representation up to and including the First Court Hearing (Further costs to be advised in accordance with the number of Court hearings and complexity of matter).

⇴ Child Arrangement Contact – £1800+VAT includes 1st Court Hearing

⇴ Court Attendance- £450+VAT



⇴ Fees for Home Office Applications & Visas – from£1,500+VAT

⇴ Appeals to the appellate authority (AIT) – from £1,500+VAT

⇴ Judicial Review (High Court) 1st Stage – from £1,500+VAT –£2,500 – (depending on how complex matter is )



⇴ Buyers from £900+VAT (excludes disbursements)

⇴ Sellers from £900+VAT (excludes disbursements)



⇴ Buyers from £1000+VAT (excludes disbursements)

⇴ Sellers from £1200+VAT (excludes disbursements)




We will obtain a Grant of Probate, and you can deal with the administration. This is a cost-effective and straightforward service.

Probate ONLY We will obtain a Grant of Probate and you can deal with the administration. This is a cost-effective and straightforward service.

Probate PLUS Our Probate ONLY service PLUS advice and assistance with the administration of the estate. You choose the services you require.

Probate COMPLETE We will complete the whole of the administration on your behalf taking the burden from you. We will act promptly and keep you informed of progress every step of the way.


Straight forward Grant application only, with no inheritance tax issues, and the estate being below the current nil rate band of £ 325,000 and all information is provided:

£ 1,000.00 – £2,500.00 (plus VAT) excluding Probate Court fee.

£ 1,500.00 – £ 3000.00 (plus VAT) excluding Probate Court fee

£ 3,000.00 – £10,000.00 (plus VAT) excluding Probate Court fees.

The fees above are based on the level of work required based on our experience. However, there may be occasions where further work is required than anticipated. In such circumstances, we would inform you before incurring any additional costs.