What is dementia?

Dementia is a general term for over 100 different diseases, including Alzheimer’s. It describes the symptoms of several diseases and conditions which cause the progressive decline of the brain. One type of dementia is the most common.

Symptoms associated with dementia:

  • Thinking speed lowered
  • Difficulty in making Judgement
  • Mood and emotions
  • Memory loss
  • Challenges with physical movement
  • Slurred speech

Dementia and the Mental Capacity Act

For many people, dementia is a very sensitive and difficult diagnosis. It can be hard for loved ones to know when or if they need to step in as decision-makers of their own lives because forgetting little things may lead to bigger issues over time; this often leads to an emotional rollercoaster with family members caught up inside it all at once!

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provide guidelines on how to decide if someone is able to make a decision for themselves and also how loved ones can help the person to make the decision if they are unable to do so.

At Adel Jibs, one of the things we ask our will making clients to consider is putting a legal document, such as a Lasting Power of Attorney in places, so that when they lose capacity, they have put the required measure in place.  

An LPA outlines who can make decisions about what and when. It gives you the needed peace of mind to the person affected that their affairs will be taken care of as wished.

Can someone with dementia make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

Yes, a person with dementia can make an LPA as long as they have mental capacity. If you have recently been diagnosed with dementia, it is best that you register your LPA as soon as you have filled the forms.

In the event that there is no LPA in place,  a friend or relative can apply for deputyship for the person that lacks capacity.

Our solicitors in Edmonton Green, Enfield and Tottenham are able to assist you today with the application and advice.

If you have been diagnosed with dementia, it is advisable to review your current will to see if you want to make amendments. Our team of lawyers are here to help.

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